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Using Droplets for Distance Learning

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Mar 17, 2020

Due to school closures resulting from the global COVID-19 crisis, many teachers have reached out and asked us if Droplets can be used for remote or distance learning. The answer is a qualified Yes. To facilitate Droplets being used in this way, we are expanding the Droplets’ profile limit from 2 to 50, so that teachers can use Droplets with their remote students. We hope to make this new version of Droplets available in the App Store and Google Play within a week, and we plan to keep Droplets’ expanded profile limit in place until the COVID-19 crisis has receded and schools are reopened.

If you are a teacher interested in using Droplets with your students, please check the guidelines for setting up a "teacher" account. If you have any questions see our FAQ or contact us directly at

This Droplets adjustment is specifically for instructor-guided remote learning. The entire Drops family of apps—Drops, Scripts, and Droplets—is already ideal for independent, self-guided remote learning.

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Keep safe and healthy,

Daniel Farkas, Drops CEO

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