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Daisy Jones

Daisy a Social Media coordinator. She hails from the Bristol area, and has a Doodle named Stanley and a Staffy named Hank.

American Football 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Big Game

From understanding key terms to knowing all about the playoffs, halftime show and celebration, this guide has got you covered.

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5 Tips for Writing a Love Letter in Another Language

Whether you're writing a Valentine's letter to a partner, friend or family member, Drops has the words you need.

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5 Tips To Achieve Your Language Learning New Years Resolution in 2023

Let Drops language learning give you a leg up with your New Year's Resolution in 2023 with some language learning pro tips.

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6 December Holiday Traditions From Around the World To Inspire You This Winter

This Holiday season, learn a language the fun and easy way with Drops language learning games.

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Holiday Songs in 4 Different Languages

With Drops language learning you can learn Spanish, Korean, French, and much more the fun and easy way. Start with getting in the holiday spirit with festive

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